Suggestive Topics For Training & Consultancy

The topics given below are broad categories and suggestive of the types of topics which can be covered in my training seminars, and my consultancy services.

As far as training seminars are concerned, once you and I decide on a topic for a particular batch of your participants, then I can design the detailed contents to suit your particpants, your company and your industry. As a result, we may have to change the title of the topic somewhat.

Any of the topics can be covered either at an Introductory or at Implementation level. Introductory means the topic will be covered for awareness and appreciation only. There are many topics in modern Operations Management which a manager needs to be aware of only, but does not need the competence to actually use it in his work. He needs to know what the topic can do for his department or division or the company. He needs a "speaking acquaintance" of the subject to participate in general discussions of the topic in the company. The Introductory level means he will be able to do that.

The Implementation level means that the topic will be covered for implementation. The manager will be actually able to supervise, coordinate and implement a project based on the topic ---perhaps with a little guidance and consultancy, but he can implement a project based on the topic in his department or division. The Implementation level means he will be able to do that.

As far as consultancy is concerned, I can offer consultancy in any of the same topics for which I am offering training. It is preferable that those people of your staff who will be involved with the implementation of a project should have gone through the Implementation level training in the topic concerned. But in many smaller and simpler type projects, that may not be absolutely necessary; any technical issues that your staff may not be able to handle, can be handled by me.

Below are some of the topics:

  1. Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis
  2. Performance Measurement and The Balalnced Scorecard
  3. Inventory Management
  4. Statistical Quality Control
  5. Work Measurement
  6. Planning and Speaking At Presentations
  7. Basics Of EXCEL
  8. Regression Analysis for Managers
  9. Planning and Management Of Projects
  10. Supply Chain Management
  11. Quality, Six Sigma and Lean
  12. Methods and Techniques of Operations Research
  13. Data Envelopment Analysis for Branch Performance Evaluations
  14. Design and Management Of Service Operations