Starting in India

Your Man in India :
If you are an organization head-quartered outside India, thinking of doing business with India or in India, it is always a good idea to have someone in India to do some initial "hand-holding" with. There are tremendous cultural, legal, and social differences between your country and India, which if not handled right can lead to unnecessary delays, increased costs, and personal aggravations in starting your interaction with India. Of course, delays, costs and aggravations cannot be avoided totally, but being "our man in India" for you, I can help you avoid the portion of these things that would be due to your not being familiar with the differences.

Jamshed ModiPhases In Entering India :
I like to think of the hand-holding as being divided into the following phases: (1)  First, there is the "Feeling-the-waters" phase. (2) Then, there is the "Personal-visit" phase. (3) Third, there is the "In-depth-study" phase. (4) Fourth, there is the "Getting-a-foothold" phase. (5) And finally, fifth, there is the "Full-throttle" phase. I can help you in each of the 5 phases, but I expect you will need me less as you get into phase (4), and perhaps very little in phase (5). Let me explain.

Phase 1 :
This is the phase where you want to develop a feel for a particular industry in India, the markets in which you wish to operate in India, and the competition therein. You also wish to get a good idea of the laws, statutory requirements, and standards that will apply to you in India. You will also wish to know about taxes and levies, transport and infrastructure, sources and suppliers, and a whole host of other data. True, a lot of the basic information you can get where you are, from the net and many other sources. But a time soon comes when you need specific and un-biased data, which can only be got by someone who is here in India, and who has your interests and requirements at heart. I can be that someone for you.

Phase 2 :
Once you have received and digested the specific information you need, the time comes when one or more people in your company need to visit India and get a personal feel for the country, and the business climate prevailing here. Your people may want to see some of the products that will compete with yours, or are related to yours; your people may want to meet some potential suppliers, inspect some sites for offices and factories, etc. You will need someone to arrange the hotel accommodation and the travel, make introductions, line up the meetings, arrange visits, etc. I can do all these things for your initial visitors.

Phase 3 :
The activities of this phase will differ depending on the type of relationship with India you are contemplating. You may simply want to identify a supplier for something you need for your overseas operations. Or you may want to identify a manufacturer who can make one or more of your components, which you need for your products being sold overseas. It may be that for the present you just want to set up a small office in India, or it may be you want to set up a small office with the intention of setting up a manufacturing operation in India. You may want to commission a survey with a market research agency in India. Many other possibilities may be there for which the in-depth study requirements will differ. But all these studies will require work in India --- collecting, sifting and analyzing commercial data, meeting and evaluating Indian parties, submitting and following up on governmental applications, etc. I can undertake many of these studies for you, and forward my findings to you.

Phase 4 :
After the in-depth study phase is over you will want to take the first steps into India. You may want to finalize a relationship with some suppliers; you may need to set up your legal advisor, and accounting firm; you may decide to rent an office, complete registrations with authorities, start looking for local staff, etc. You may need to post one or more of your people in India for a while, in which case there are the issues about places for them to stay, schooling for their children, if any, etc. There is a tremendous amount of local work in this phase, and I can help you with it.

Phase 5 :
Finally the time comes when you have gone through all the above phases, you have set up your relationships, you have hired some people, they have been working with you for a while, and now the operation begins full-throttle. I would expect my involvement in this phase would be only marginal, mostly tying up loose ends from the preceding phases. In this aspect of my services, it is best to proceed on the basis of specific agreements for specific phases. We will discuss and come to a clear understanding of what I am to deliver, by when, and what my fees will be. We will be clear as to how to handle costs of things like my travel, boarding and lodging expenses while I am on the road for you, purchases (things like application forms, reports from third parties, etc) application fees to government agencies, etc. As one phase and its agreement comes to a close, we work on the next phase and agreement for the next phase, and so on. Click on Contact to get in touch with me for preliminary discussions by phone, email or Skype on what you have in mind. There is no cost or commitment for you for preliminary discussions.