Management Training

Training Location :
Most of my clients have preferred in-plant training seminars.  They had a seminar room or conference room that could take about 15 - 20 people, all set with a projector and a screen, a white-board, a lectern, etc. And they had a small service room adjacent,  to handle the tea and lunch breaks. A few customers had to engage a room in a city hotel, not only because their batch was larger than could be accommodated in their own premises, but they wanted to treat their staff to better teas and lunches than was possible in the company.

TrainingTraining Durations :
Most clients have preferred one- or two-day seminars. Some clients preferred working days, some clients Saturdays and Sundays. Some have opted for 2-hour sessions on working days, after regular working hours --- going 5 days a week. For more in-depth training modules, 1 full day a week on week-ends for 4 week-ends in a row works better, as it gives your staff more time to absorb the training of each session, and do some studying and reflecting on their own. I can accommodate any format convenient to your people.

Batch Sizes & Fees :
I prefer anywhere from 10 to 20 participants per seminar, and my fees are on a per-participant basis. Fees also depend on the topic, the content in the topic, and type of training requested. For example, seminars on basic topics like Public Speaking or Presentation Skills, not having any problem-solving, and where no quizzes and evaluations are required would be charged at lesser rates. On the other hand, seminars on advanced topics such as Statistical Data Analysis, Linear Programming, Six Sigma, etc., with  problem-solving in class, and quizzes to be administered would be charged for at higher rates. (Click on Suggestive Topics in the navigation panel above).

Training Materials :
Training2Brief supplemental notes, technical papers, cases and study material as required, will be given out by me as part of the seminar. But where you want your people to acquire in-depth knowledge, I will recommend one or two standard text-books, which will have to be purchased by  your company.  You can either give each of your participating staff a copy (in appreciation of their initiative to participate in the seminar), or you can order say 6 or 7 copies which can be kept in your company library and shared by your participants.

Let us together plan the topic best suited for your people, who the participants will be, and the time- format that will be most convenient to your people. Then I will give you an outline of the content, what materials I will distribute, what materials your company will need to provide (if any), and a price-quotation. We can take it from there.  Click on Contact to get in touch with me.