Management Consultancy

Internal projects using advanced managerial techniques are often thought of by top-management, or even at lower management levels. By “internal project” I mean a project entirely manned by your own staff. But it is only when an adequate number of people in the company have been exposed to the particular managerial technique, should an internal project be undertaken using that technique. And even after such training, guidance and leadership will be required to do the internal project. 

Jamshed Project Organization :
I am offering my services to provide such guidance and leadership. Such internal projects should be organized under the particular manager whose problem the project is to solve. He will be the project manager. He will need to identify the problem, outline the managerial techniques that will be explored to solve the problem, suggest a size and composition for his project team, estimate how long the project would take, how much it will cost, and in what ways and to what extent the organization will benefit --- in short, he has to put up a proposal to his company’s top-management.

What My Consultancy Services Include :
My project consultancy services include the preparation of such a proposal. My project consultancies will be usually 2 to 4 month affairs, where I participate with company management in setting up and executing a specific time-bound project. Besides helping the Project Manager to develop a complete Proposal, I also participate in getting approval for the Project Charter from the company top-management, meeting top-management people one-on-one, making presentations, explaining methodology, cost-benefits, etc --- in general, helping the Project Manager in securing the widest possible support and buy-in from all stake-holders in the organization. Once the project starts, I assist the Project Manager in the use of the underlying technology, and in tackling the higher-level project management problems and issues.

For this, I can be in the company any number of days in the week --- whatever is decided between us in the planning stage, and laid down in the Project Charter. My involvement continues through the development phase, the implementation phase, through the write-up of the final report for the project, including end-of-project presentations to top management.  My role is always as consultant and advisor; executive responsibility and decision-making always remains with the in-house Project Manager.

Most projects, especially large ones, will have 2 phases --- the Proposal Phase, and the Execution Phase. If I am to be involved in both phases, and if the Proposal Phase involves substantial effort from my side, 2 separate quotations will be given -- one for each phase. If the Proposal Phase does not involve substantial effort from my side, there will be no charge for my efforts in this phase, and only 1 quotation (for the Execution Phase) will be given. Based on the quotations, a short agreement or MOU (memorandum of understanding) can be signed by both of us, referencing the quotations, and then my involvement can begin.

Off-site Project Consultancy – Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) :
Not all consultancy projects require my presence in your company. There is a lot of Statistical Data Analysis type work which I can do for you without visiting your organization. This is particularly relevant for small-scale industries and small businesses which are far from Mumbai, (or are in other countries) as the work can be done at far lower cost to you since my travel and boarding-lodging costs are cut out. All you need is a good internet connection. Statistical Data Analysis includes a large variety of studies such as sales analysis, machine performance analysis, supplier performance analysis, employee performance analysis, power consumption analysis,  fuel consumption analysis, and many more.

Other consultancy work which I could do for you without visiting you is: “library research” – researching a commercial, scientific or engineering topic you are interested in and sending you a literature survey; “translation work” – translating service manuals, user manuals, industrial and commercial training materials, advertizing material, etc. from English and German to Gujarati; “survey work” -- planning, execution and analysis of small to medium surveys.

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