In today’s knowledge economy, keeping workers and managers up-to-date with the latest quality management techniques, operations research methods, and business analytics tools is essential for survival and growth. This is why the top management, and particularly the chief HR officer, of progressive organizations need to be planning training programs and seminars on the above topics for all their staff throughout the year. There are many sub-topics under the above-mentioned main areas, several of which may be useful to train your staff in. Besides help with training, I can help you with consultancy on any projects you might undertake in the above areas. Training in the basics of a technique is one thing, and being able to carry out a live project to success is another. That requires knowledge and experience in project planning and team formation, knowledge of specialized software, interaction with several stake-holders within the organization, etc. I am an engineer and operations research professional, with over 35 years experience in US and Indian industry and academics, and I am ready to help you with both training on such topics and consultancy on projects in these topics.

If your organization is just starting operations in India, or is considering doing so, and you need a local person with a technical as well as business background, to guide you through all the statutory and commercial issues you have to take care of, again, I can be of great help to you. Click to know more about my services in Management Training, Management Consultancy and Starting In India.